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Here's what my clients have to say 

"I am a 30 year old female with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I came to Nicola because I faced a number of issues since the onset of Hashimoto's just over a year ago, the main reason being food intolerances that I was unable to get on top of. Not only has she helped me get these completely in check, Nicola has done SO much more.


She looked at every part of my lifestyle and health and coached me through a journey that has ended in me getting my health back. She empathised and related to me on a personal level and has been so supportive, patient and understanding. She analysed my blood test and picked up on things which my GP said were normal and if she hasn’t been sure on something she has gone out of her way to find answers for me.


The simple word ‘Nutritionist’ is just not enough to describe what this woman is capable of.

At my worst points I was flooded with intense anxiety, bloated all the time, intensely fatigued, losing hair, my menstrual cycles stopped and I was suffering with awful brain fog such that I couldn’t do my job properly. I worried about whether I would ever be the same again. Now I haven’t experienced anxiety in months, I have energy and focus again, the hair I lost is growing back, I look better and feel better, my menstrual cycles have returned, I’m no longer exhausted at the end of the day and I am so much happier and more positive.

I truly understand how helpless and rubbish you can feel when you are facing thyroid or other disorders, it’s so hard to see out the other side of all the problems that can manifest, but it is absolutely possible with some professional guidance to get back to you again. It’s not an overnight fix, but it is SO worth investing in this process.  

In my opinion Nicola is worth her weight in gold and her knowledge and expertise extends far outside thyroid health, I would urge anyone who is facing health issues or food sensitivities to work with her. You won’t regret it".

"Nicola was exactly what I needed!
I thought I was on a healthy diet but something wasn’t right. Through her expertise she worked out what my body needed to be at optimal levels and make me feel great. Everyone’s body is different, and Nicola is phenomenal at determining what yours needs to bring you to optimal health.Working with her has brought me life changing benefits".

"I knew I needed to take a different approach to my health and wellbeing as no amount of meditation or yoga was making me feel any better. I was anxious all the time, with non-stop adrenaline making me feel like I’d had 10 espressos when I’d had no caffeine.  This resulted in me feeling constantly tired and not being able to function properly. I felt trapped in a cycle and I was at an all-time low having let my symptoms take over my life and become the norm.


I sought out the help of a Nutritionist to take a functional medicine approach to what was happening to me so I could find the tools to support myself now and in the future. I found Nicola and was drawn to her experience and pragmatic approach and like me, she also has Hashimoto’s. At our introductory session, it was great to talk to someone who understood exactly what I was experiencing and physically going through without feeling the need to justify or excuse myself. Nicola really listened to how my symptoms were impacting my life and took a slow steady approach to deal with my issues. This resulted in me going from 0% to 100% in how I felt over a period of 4 months.


We started with my gut health as this was affecting me the most. I took a test which identified what was causing the issues and started to repair my gut with a series of probiotics. Then slowly but surely I changed my eating habits to identify what was making me feel so ill and identified my nutritional gaps. Over time, it was clear which foods I was reacting with and what I needed more of from a nutritional aspect to feel at my optimum. 


On this journey, I have discovered many things about my health that I would never have identified if I’d kept on the normal GP route. This functional medicine approach has meant identifying the multiple factors that were all contributing in making me feel so ill - from diet, genetics as well as my lifestyle and stressors.


I have been so well supported by Nicola on my nutritional journey. Any questions I had outside of our sessions were all quickly answered with Nicola checking in with me between sessions on how I was feeling as well as providing updates on any progress with test results. I now have so much more confidence and energy in everything I do and feel like I have found myself again. I have also lost 2 stones in the process which was an unexpected bonus!


Nicola’s empathetic and pragmatic approach has made my roller coaster of a journey much easier as she has been there every step of the way. I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone who wants to take a positive step in transforming their health for good". 


Having an underactive thyroid and alopecia, I was always used to feeling tired, stressed, emotional and anxious. With 40 coming up I wanted to change the way I felt but I didn't know where to start and then I came across Nicola. I'm not going to lie, it was hard work to begin with and I had to be strict with what I ate, taking my vitamins, and looking after myself. A year on, my hair has almost grown back fully, I don't feel as stressed and I feel more in control of my life and we are also expecting our first baby! 

Nicola and I are on a different path now which she will support me with after giving birth, recovery and my motherhood journey. 

Nicola has been a great support and has never made me feel guilty about slipping up as there were times. 

I'm looking forward to the next chapter of my life with the support of Nicola. 

Thanks for looking after me! 

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