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About me

Hi! I’m Nicola, a BANT registered nutritional therapist based in the UK. 


I specialise in nutrition for thyroid health,  brain health, and gut health, using a functional medicine approach. 


I live in the Devonshire countryside with my husband and two Jack Russell's. 


I enjoy a slower pace of life that is filled with time spent in nature, wholesome local produce, and relaxing walks. It does wonders for my health. 


Also, I love food!

My autoimmunity story


I have lived with Hashimoto's disease and vitiligo since 2013. I felt constantly fatigued, dizzy, anxious, unable to concentrate and generally unwell with frequent migraines for years, but my doctor insisted my blood work was fine. I tried the keto diet, fasting, and HIIT training while unjustifiably putting on weight. 


Everything changed once I saw a BANT registered nutritional therapist and learned what my body was asking for. 


I have put my own Hashimoto’s into remission through diet and lifestyle changes and I no longer need any thyroid medication. 


Brain health is a constant work in progress, especially as I hit perimenopause and I'm so grateful to have nutritional therapy to fall back on when I need it- I want that for you too. 

Once I realised the power that nutrition and lifestyle can have on our health, I knew becoming a BANT registered nutritional therapy practitioner was my calling. So I trained to become a registered functional medicine nutritional therapy practitioner myself and have never looked back!

My qualifications


I have also taken postgraduate training at the prestigious Kharrazian Institute in:

  • Autoimmunity 

  • Hashimoto's 

  • Neuroinflammation 

  • Gastrointestinal health

  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders

  • Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndromes 

  • Diabetes and Dysglycemia

  • Childhood developmental disorders

  • Cardiovascular & Neurovascular Syndromes

  • Essentials of Function Medicine 

  • Chronic Inflammation Clinical Strategies 


I continue to take post-grad training every year, including studying Immunology with Dr Sam Yanuk at Cogence Immunology® via their partnership with Pure Encapsulations® , nutrigenomics, perimenopause support, and I continue to keep up with the latest nutrition research. 

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