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About me

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid issues) and vitiligo after 4 years of going back and forth to my GP complaining of extreme tiredness, unjustified weight gain, and chronic migraine (up to 3x per day). I would feel constantly fatigued and wake up exhausted, my weight was creeping up despite eating less. I used to force myself to train hard at the gym doing HIIT and see a personal trainer (which caused me to put on more weight and feel even more exhausted), I tried fasting (that made me feel dreadful), and I also tried a very low carbohydrate (keto) diet- (which made me also feel dreadful), you name it I tried it. It got to the point that I physically couldn't do that anymore- even if I tried. 

I saw a nutritional therapist a few years ago to help with the feelings of exhaustion. She showed me what I needed to do to help myself and she set me on the right path. Knowledge is power! After running some functional tests my eyes were opened to what my body was asking for.  I no longer needed to grab snippets of conflicting information from the media or unqualified individuals on Instagram or Facebook- this enlightening experience enabled me to get to a much better place.  
Inspired by the power of personalised, evidence-based nutrition and the dramatic changes that lifestyle choices can make, I decided to become a Nutritional Therapist myself! I studied for 4 years at the prestigious 'Institute for Optimum Nutrition' in Richmond, London. I continue to keep up with the latest science through continual professional development- I also LOVE real food and I love eating it even more! 

Feel free to book a free 30 min discovery call to learn more about working with me - click the button below. 

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