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Online consultations from the comfort of your own home

Real change and finding your optimal health takes time-particularly if you have been living with your symptoms for many years- which many of us do!


Consultations are held over Zoom worldwide.

I offer packages for different levels of commitment that are appropriate for the health condition. 


Our time together will include:

- an in depth health questionnaire to be filled out and reviewed before we meet

- you are welcome to send me any previous blood test results before we meet

- a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your goals and concerns.

- optional functional tests and/or high-quality supplements (at a separate cost).  

 - use of my 'Practice Better' software where all of my recommendations are held, including supportive handouts, and any test results- all in one place.

Still have questions? Book a free 15-minute call with me- click the button below.

Functional Testing

I work with various labs that offer food sensitivity testing (Cyrex), adrenal stress profiles, thyroid panels, sex hormones- DUTCH test, vitamins and minerals and gut microbiome and digestive function- such as GI Ecologix from Invivo and more. (Testing is an additional cost). 

I'm also affiliated with Country Health, which is a multiple award-winning telemedicine practice led by Dr Frey who specialises in thyroid health and thyroid hormone replacement prescriptions, (including NDT), using a functional medicine approach.  

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